Let's Get Our County Back!

Thank you for your support!

We´re up against a well-funded democrat-party machine that will stop at nothing to remain in power and keep a stronghold of the council and for this reason, your support is key in making a stance against this machine that has been instrumental in the deterioration of the quality of life in the county. If they are not challenged, we are a short time away from losing our schools, our small businesses, and our communities to become a failed democrat run county.

I am working hard to save Montgomery County, for you, your family, and your neighbors, but cannot do it without your help. Please consider donating to ensure that we don’t go down the path of social decay, economic stagnation, and government overreach.

Every dollar given to the campaign goes directly to grassroots efforts, which is the basis for my campaign to reach out to every community in our District 7.


If you do not want to donate online, you can make checks payable to:

Committee to Elect Harold Maldonado

P.O. Box 5800

Derwood, MD 20855

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