I am passionate about returning the focus of public policies towards safeguarding the sanctity of our family values and personal freedoms in our county. The council has ignored the concerns of residents all over the county that have produced erroneous, ill-advised policies that have and continue to deteriorate the quality of life in our communities by lowering the quality of education in our schools, deteriorating the economy, and seriously undermining security in our streets. I need your support to be able to challenge the council´s homogenous mindset that is destroying our neighborhoods, our schools, our small businesses, and our security.
Economic Development
Our small businesses have been ignored and systematically destroyed as the council has prioritized big-box companies. For this reason, I will work for supporting and creating incentives for small businesses through a revision of current regulations, reduction and streamline of paperwork, and the effectiveness of the county’s Economic and Development Corporation.

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Teachers are the backbone of our communities and as such, they need all the support from the council to be able to have a say on all policies directed at our school’s curriculum, budget, and related policies. The county’s Board of Education (BOE) is beholden to teacher unions that have an agenda that is not for the best interest of the county. As such, I will work on revising these contracts and eventually support to nullify them so that the BOE is free to make independent policy decisions along the teachers it represents.  I will also make it a priority to support the inclusion of parents in the review and development of existing and new curriculum.

The quality of life in the county depends on how safe do residents feel in their neighborhoods, so, my priority will be to support an increase in the budget for the police department and keep Special Resource Officers in schools. With the rise of criminality in the county as a whole, it is imperative that the focus in the council be to increase the financial support to our police so that they can have the tools to quell criminal activity at all levels.


Public offices and officers should focus their efforts in addressing the concerns and priorities of the residents they represent. Unfortunately, the council has not done this and the result has been the council losing the trust of the general public. For this reason, I will support checks and balances for the council and for all public offices and officers in the county through the revision of current procedures and creation of new ones.

As one of the wealthiest counties in Maryland, there is no reason for our county not to have the financial resources to address all the problems it currently has. The problem is that the financial resources are allocated inefficiently and I will work to change this, supporting the prioritization of economically feasible and responsible spending.

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