Maldonado Crushes Luedtke in Olney Debate

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Republican and Democrat Council Candidates Debate in Olney
October 12, 2022
Contact: Ann Hingston

Last night the Greater Olney Civic Association (GOCA) performed a public service not seen in many years.  GOCA sponsored a debate where candidates of both parties – Republican Harold Maldonado and Democrat Dawn Luedtke – competed to gain the vote of residents of the newly created Council District 7 which includes Damascus, Laytonsville, Olney, and parts of Derwood and Montgomery Village.  Republicans and Independents comprise 45% of registered voters in the new Council district. 

“I believe Harold Maldonado was the definite winner,” said Del Lamiman, Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party. “He demonstrated that he is in tune with residents’ major concerns about the surge in crime, lack of jobs and declining excellence in public schools. I am impressed with Harold’s commitment to engaging residents as stakeholders to help solve our challenges in transportation, land use and development.”  The debate was a study in contrasts.  A Bolivian immigrant, Harold Maldonado is an economist educated in the county public schools and Catholic University.  His concern about the Council’s policies contributing to the decline of the county led him to run for County Council. As a common sense voice, he will bring accountability and integrity to a legislative body without diversity of thought.  Dawn Luedtke, on the other hand, is a party insider as an attorney employed by the Maryland Attorney General’s office and as the wife of the Majority Leader of the Maryland General Assembly.

During the debate Maldonado said one of the first things he would do as a Council member would be to conduct an audit to identify resources that could be diverted to supporting the police and improving excellence in county schools. He emphasized the importance of parents and teachers working together. He stressed the need for the Council to focus on sustainable growth which means helping small and medium sized businesses, farmers and protecting the Agricultural Reserve. 

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GOP District 7 Nominee Harold C. Maldonado

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