Press Release: Media Complicit in Fomenting and Protecting County Political Establishment

October 18, 2022
Contact: Maldonado Campaign Office
For Immediate Release
Derwood, MD.- The media coverage of this election season has followed a trend seen in the county for decades, which is disturbing. Maldonado stated, “it’s obvious that the media covers Democrats at a margin that is just not even worth providing data for. I’d say over 90% of the coverage in the form of interviews, debates, campaign events, and even candidate profiles are highly skewed in favor of Democrats.” The media is not objective in covering all candidates from both the Democrat and Republican parties and it is biased in giving Democrat candidates overwhelmingly more coverage than Republican candidates. 

Where’s the professional objectivity on fully covering all candidates of all political parties? 

The Maldonado Campaign calls on the local media outlets to cover GOP candidates with the same availability and openness as they do Democrat candidates. 

The media has an important role in presenting the public with all the information necessary for them to make their own decisions during elections. The media has an important role in preserving and protecting democracy, but it is not doing that for the residents of Montgomery County. The actions of the media follow years of biased coverage against GOP candidates and one of the effects of this has been the Democrat Party establishing and cementing control of most offices in Montgomery County, fomenting an already entrenched Democrat political establishment. The biased coverage of the media has reached a point where it is a common belief among most county residents that there is only one election (primary elections), and that the winners of those elections are effectively the winners and therefore do not consider voting in the November general elections. 

In contrast, Democrat candidates do not seem to want or need to campaign because inherently they feel they do not need to as the mindset is that if a Democrat wins in the primaries, then that person is seen as a victor in November. In contrast, GOP candidates are vigorously campaigning and do not have any coverage in the media. Additionally, GOP candidates have impediments in trying to buy adds in most media outlets but these same media outlets welcome ads from Democrat candidates. Maldonado added, “no wonder Democrats have a stronghold on power in the county, they’ve had the media cover for them for a long time. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen my opponent campaign. When I talk to people in the campaign trail, they don’t even know who she is and worse yet if there are elections in November, shameful.” 

As a smokescreen, the media pretends to being objective in its coverage of the elections in the county by covering certain events but erase or delete the news clip right away. For example, WJLA covered the District Council District 7 debate in Olney last week and included a report of it on its 10 pm news, which aired the same night but was not put in its website for later viewing. The Maldonado campaign contacted the WJLA reporter to obtain the clip with to no avail. Does WJLA not want county residents to see its report where in a public debate, a viable GOP candidate for Montgomery County showcased a narrative that is logical, realistic, and touches on the issues residents care about in contrast to the establishment narrative of the Democrat candidate? 

The main reason Montgomery County has declined in all aspects like rising crime, declining economic growth, low quality of education, along with higher rents, and higher taxes is because it has been governed by one party for over 40 years. And this has been aided and abetted by a biased media. 

Where is the integrity and unbiased media coverage of the midterm elections for Montgomery County residents? 

Link to electronic version of press release.

Democracy indeed dies in darkness.

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