MoCo Resistance

(a voice for the voiceless)

We’re under occupation by the extreme,/radical left who is pushing a woke/progressive agenda that is destroying our country and our communities.

It’s time to fight back and hold the County Council accountable for all their actions and failed policies through the dissemination of unbiased information to the general public without the propaganda being broadcast by the mainstream and local media.

Join us, join the Resistance to protect our children, our families, our communities, and our businesses from this unprecedented attach from the far-left.

Join us, join the Resistance!

What's the County Council agenda?
The County Council (CC) has embraced a more entrenched stance in its policies to subvert the concerns of residents, opting in doubling down on its progressive/woke agenda.

The CC agenda seeks to take away all personal freedoms from residents under the guise of a fictitious narrative of division and hate.

County halts parents' op-out option for sexualized reading material.
The transgenderism agenda is here and in full force in county schools. CRT is also present and the CC has, like all other issues and policies, been forceful in implementing a sexualized curriculum that is destroying the innocence and mental stability of children. Instead of focusing on core subjects and pushing for math and reading scores to improve, the CC along the County Board of Education opt to issue ideas like removing homework from schools because they think it’s racists.

Crime increasing like wildfire
Just like I said it would, crime is increasing all over the county without any signs of any change. The half measures put in place by the CC to encourage more police applicants is just a ploy to appease the public as their intentions going back to the pandemic when they called for “defunding the policy” like current CC member Mink, is to destroy our communities, force people to leave, and create an environment of panic so they can come and provide the solution.

This move is from the marxist/communist/socialist playbook: create both the problem and solution. The CC also want to scare people in leaving the county so they can build their “affordable housing.”

15 minute cities?
The recent trip some CC members took to Taipei is to learn and to be trained in implementing smart cities. All of the policies the CC pushes is aimed at creating the necessary baseline to implement smart cities in the county. Smart cities will ultimately remove all personal freedoms and liberties and implant an authoritarian government.