Press Release: Democrat Operatives Tampering with GOP Campaign Material

November 4, 2022
Contact: Maldonado Campaign Office
For Immediate Release
Derwood, MD.-  The Maldonado Campaign calls out the Democrat Party leadership in Montgomery County to stop and desist its operatives from tampering, defacing, removing yard-signs from public and private spaces. From these actions, the Democrat Party in Montgomery County is sabotaging the democratic process and interfering in an election cycle.
Upon noticing his own yard-signs being removed, Maldonado state, “I thought the democrats were for democracy. They talk about it all the time, why are they removing our signs? That doesn’t make any sense. It’s happening to all GOP campaigns.”
This action by democrat criminal operatives reinforces the realization that the Democrat Party will do anything to maintain power/control to the detriment of providing residents with open and fair midterm elections. Maldonado added, “these actions are uncalled for and it’s very unfortunate. Residents are coming to the realization that the party that has been in control of the county government for so long are truly ‘drunk on power’ and that they are unhinged.”

“This happens in third-world countries where campaigns are run with guerrilla style tactics. I think we still live in the United States of America, where this is not supposed to be happening,” Maldonado commented.
Per the above, the Maldonado Campaign calls for the Democrat Party leadership in the county to stop and desist removing, tampering, defacing, and/or damaging GOP candidate campaign material that located in public and private locations within the county.
Link to electronic version of press release.

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