Press Release: MoCo Council Keen in Making County California 2.0 

October 6, 2022
Contact: Maldonado Campaign Office
For Immediate Release
Derwood, MD.- The Montgomery County Council’s eagerness to approve Thrive 2050 in a speedy format raises concerns about the real purpose of the Council’s motives to push a plan that contains many unaddressed issues presented by private sector consultants and stakeholders. Harold Maldonado, GOP candidate for District 7 stated, “the council should not approve this plan in its current form because doing so would pave the way for the destruction of the agricultural sector, small businesses, single family homes, the county’s green spaces/areas, and home values not to mention the financial burden it would have on the middle class and businesses as the plan seeks to push urbanization under the guise of equity and development.” Independent studies have shown that the plan does not provide any details and/or specifics on how the plan addresses equity, economic, and racial justice.
Furthermore, Maldonado added, “Thrive 2050 is a trojan horse the County Council wants to push to bring the Green New Deal and the Build Back Better to the county, similar to what’s going on in California, which is not cost effective, placing businesses and residents at a staggering disadvantage as they would unnecessarily have to endure the costs of ‘going green’ just like Californians.” Indeed, residents and businesses are recovering from the lockdowns financially and this plan would place strenuous economic hardship in abiding to its tenants to remove the use of fossil fuels both in businesses and homes. The council continues to put forth the same ill-advised and not cost-effective green policies California is pushing, and the effects of these policies are negative for the public. We will see rising taxes, a depleted economy, and an exodus of businesses and residents. Residents and businesses are already leaving Montgomery County and more will follow if the council keeps overreaching with these kinds of policies.
On July 26, 2022, during a County Council session, Bill 13-22 (Comprehensive Building Decarbonization) was discussed where energy experts and local business organizations stated that with the current energy source matrix for the county, which depends on more than 80% of energy coming from fossil fuels and less than 10% from renewable sources, is not apt to accommodate this plan. Thus, we ask the council to follow the science, the economics, basic cost-benefit analysis, simple math, and common sense. Approval of this Bill and other similar ones would be a detriment to businesses and homeowners not to mention the many residents who struggle to make ends meet on a weekly, monthly basis.    
The efforts of the County Council to remove fossil fuels from the county is yet another example how its members lack common sense to deal with the issues the county faces and how its oblivious to the concerns of residents and businesses. The council is overreaching, again, forcing a bill on county residents that will increase their energy bills, increase taxes, and undermine the viability of current and future business activity in the county.
Harold Maldonado is against Thrive 2050 and supports a more inclusive conversation with all stakeholders in the county to come to a sensible and prudent plan if the goal is to reduce carbon emissions, which this plan does not do.
The Maldonado Campaign calls on the media to cover this Bill and provide all the information necessary to the public so that they can be aware of, opine, and be cognizant of what the County Council wants to do with it and Thrive 2050.   
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